– especially for those of you who will soon be leaving….

Thank You – For demonstrating how your lack of understanding of human nature and underestimation of alumni loyalty led to the organization of alumni groups willing to challenge you and unlike all of you, willing to fight for the reputation of this university. 

Thank You – For your complete lack of regard/lack of protection for the young athletes at Penn State. By signing/agreeing to a ludicrous NCAA consent decree, you allowed the football team to be punished for whatever mistakes were made by adults. You allowed coaches from other universities to come to our campus and with promises of “being able to go to a bowl game” lured or attempted to lure athletes to universities with weak or weaker academic records. 

Thank You – For showing the world that deceit, obfuscation and slight of hand will not work. By stating that if sanctions were not accepted, the result would be the “death penalty.” You believed that you had a rationale to force alumni to swallow a bitter pill. Instead you found out that Penn State alumni and their friends, well almost anyone outside the BOT, were not willing to accept your convoluted rationale. 

Thank You – For demonstrating the true meaning of the word “cowardice.” Although there are numerous examples, one will make the point. One anonymous bully with an airplane either forced you or gave you an excuse to take down the statue of the man who contributed so much to this university. 

Thank You- For pulling together the Nittany Nation. 
Thank You- For allowing us the opportunity to right these wrongs. 
Thank You- You won’t lead on the Clemente Report but we will. 
And we, the Alumni, along with the students, parents and friends of this university, will once again show the world, the meaning of the phrase WE ARE PENN STATE. 

And by the way – we are voting in record numbers.

-by Deborah Beidel


It was the best of times,
In 1948, Penn State was to play in the Cotton Bowl against Southern Methodist University.

it was the worst of times,
In 2011, Penn State was rocked by the disclosure of the actions of a former football coach.

it was the age of wisdom,
Wally Triplett, one of only twenty black students at Penn State, was the football team’s first black starter.

it was the age of foolishness,
The Board of Trustees cannot figure out how to arrange a meeting with its head football coach.

it was the epoch of belief,
SMU wanted to meet with Penn State to ask the team not to bring its black players.

it was the epoch of incredulity,
A football coach of 61 years is fired late at night via a one sentence telephone call.

it was the season of Light,
“We are Penn State” Football Team Captain Steve Suhey said. “There will be no meetings.”

it was the season of Darkness,
“We did not fire Joe Paterno” Trustee/Football Letterman Paul Suhey said. “We only retired him three weeks early.”

it will be the spring of hope,
The Alumni rise up and retire Paul Suhey. Steve Suhey’s words ring out over Happy Valley.


it will the winter of despair
Apathy, dissention, and vote splitting occur. Paul Suhey’s re-election is the death knell for Penn State.


-by Deborah Beidel

We are: “Penn State:”

The “We are” are two words that are used as the initial trigger words that start that proud chant we shout out many times when we are at various sports events or in a crowd of our peer’s somewhere.

This reaction is there because they mean so much to us, and possibly now more than ever. Maybe now for what has transpired over the last several months, we should reflect on them a little more as we try and cope with this whole tragic scenario of blame we are presently going through.

We have really changed or evolved over the last several months, as we have come closer together, we have bonded under a travesty of injustice, the likes of which no University or College has ever experienced before, and hopefully will never have to go through again.

However these changes we are experiencing will never allow us to forget the Victims in this tragedy as they are a major focus for all of our future efforts.

Yet it is hard to understand, to fathom, to experience an injustice of this magnitude against so many young people as well as fans, faculty, alumni, and the many stakeholders, who have had absolutely no part in any of this ongoing saga.

Within this whole tragedy, and the change it carries with it, we still maintain all of our core values, all the elements and pieces are still there, the pride, the passion for what is right, that foster character and integrity in all that we do, aligned around a dignity that displays itself through the honor of being true to our belief’s, and what is important to us.

If we think about it, we are really going through an extension for what was started as the “Grand Experiment,” maybe changing from what was an experiment, to what has evolved into becoming a way of life, that seems to manifested itself through a “Love” of teaching and caring of young people, allowing and encouraging them to envision all that they can become though learning, growing, as well as creating an empathy for what surrounds them.

We might have brought aboard some new “Leader’s” in various places and responsibilities, but we still seem to have the fire and passion that exemplifies the “Icon”, who is now up looking down from above, encouraged by what he sees, thinking “I knew they would keep it going.”

The “We Are” has evolved into a group of apostles for the change we are going through, where our young people have rigorously followed and adapted well for what needs to happen to go forward into this new era.

We need to recognize that we all have a significant opportunity before us, that if we work together we can be an example for how we can take some unwarranted adversity, and change it into meaningful process, that can be the envy of every university in the country, just as the “Grand Experiment” has been.

In this process we are creating some new “Leadership” for these opportunities, as we had when we began the “Grand Experiment” beginning with the football program and Coach O’Brien his staff, as well many of his senior players. It is encouraging to note that they have exemplified the values and principles, as well as the character and conduct for what is required to go forward and address the challenges that are before us.

These opportunities we have in front of us carry with them the responsibility we need to reflect on, with the many others of our great University who are mentoring, coaching as well as teaching, who also have also been an important and integral part of the “Grand Experiment.”

However, in all of this we must also do our part, and because we are “Penn State,” we must support our school and its young people through responsible “Followership.”

Responsible followership carries with it the character and integrity required for influence of responsible Leadership, as well as those that are in stewardship roles and positions.

There is an old quote that says “Life has taught us that love and caring does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction toward opportunities for what is possible.”

It is sort of mind boggling that there are those that cannot not see, or maybe don’t want to see how successful the “Grand Experiment” has been. It has been the envy of the whole academic society, creating the top student athlete graduation rate, as well as being one of the most sought after academic institutions by the business community in the country.

When we think off it, the “Grand Experiment” has built a solid foundation for a total educational and a learning process founded on the concepts, of creating Honor and Pride in all that we do.

“The most important human endeavor is striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only if we face morality in our actions can we give beauty and dignity to those who we have followed in the past, as well as those we follow now.”

Here then is the direction of our opportunities, let us all gab them in our in our thoughts and priorities and run with them.

“Good men prefer to be accountable.”

The real sins and problems of the world come from those that under difficulties and trying times do nothing, we cannot afford to be indifferent, we have a legacy to protect!

Bill Boynton a Penn State Blue Blood

This letter was featured as an advertisement in the November 16, 2012 Centre Daily Times

The booing that occurred at the Ohio State game when Rodney Erickson and Dave Joyner were introduced at halftime certainly was an emotional display of the lingering sad state of affairs at Penn State.However, it should have enlightened each and every board member as to how Penn State fans, students and alumni alike, feel about the actions of the Administration and the Board over the last year.Make no mistake about it -those boos were also for most of you, too.Those overwhelming and spontaneous sounds of disapproval should have acted as a wake up call to each and every member of the Board that you have been functioning in a vacuum, blocking out the reality of the feelings of a majority of Penn Staters.The members of the Board have helped each other to maintain the misperception that there are just a few individuals or groups of individuals who just cannot “move forward.”I heard more than just a few angry individuals on that Saturday night.

In telling us to “move forward,” you are telling us to completely forget what you have done to destroy that which we hold dear.Believe me; it is not in our nature to stand idly by, while horrific wrongs are committed right before our eyes.You see, you are not asking us to move forward.You are asking us to step aside while you continue the work of justifying your vindictive acts of November 9, 2011.You want us to forget about 61 years of dedication and decency from Joe Paterno and believe that he would jeopardize the well-being of a child.As you are well aware, this is not how he lived his life.You want us to stay silent while we watch our beloved football team, a group of young men who possess courage and maturity beyond their years, suffer the consequences of NCAA sanctions, which you did not have the moral fiber to appeal.You want us to accept and defend the Freeh Report, an incomplete document which was irresponsibly written by a man with questionable integrity and which lacks hard evidence to back up its slanderous claims against good and decent men. You want us to forget a dramatic, nationally televised press conference by Mr. Freeh which does not match the contents of his report, but which sadly serves as the basis by which Penn State is judged by the nation.(By the way, I was present at that press conference.I saw no official representative of Penn State in attendance.As far as I could see, it appeared that Mr. Freeh was allowed to run rampant in his accusations, while tons of television cameras were fixed on him.)

I cannot, and will not move past these injustices.It is not in my nature.I have always defended what is right and worked against that which is not fair.I will not stand down on the issues, which have hurt my fellow Penn Staters and me.You have not comprehended that there are many, thousands of people who feel exactly as I do.You should have defended our University from the very beginning. Do you honestly believe in your heart that anyone at Penn State knowingly covered up for Jerry Sandusky to protect the football program?I believe that Penn State has proudly maintained one of the most balanced, honest football programs in the nation.This has been proven time and time again, and yet the Board of Trustees has allowed the nation to believe otherwise.

I think I can speak for many other Penn Staters when I ask that you begin to take steps to restore dignity to Penn State.A good way to start this process would be to carefully review the Freeh Report and publicly acknowledge its obvious flaws and faulty conclusions.If you do not feel comfortable doing this, then I would recommend that you consider stepping aside and afford someone else the opportunity to do so…for the Glory of Old State.

Ceil Masella – Class of 1972

PS4RS Member Deborah Casamassa Beidel, PSU Alumna, Class of 1976 wrote the following letter below to the NCAA


So, how you doing? Did you watch the Penn State game last Saturday? We were just wondering what you thought about your efforts to destroy a school and a football program based on inaccurate information and the assent of a few individuals who could not find the definition of the word Trustee if they had all the T words in the dictionary handed to them.

There’s going to be a big game on October 27th in State College, PA. We were thinking that you might want to attend. When you get there, go to the side of the stadium where there are some newly planted trees. You won’t have any trouble finding it. There will be a lot of people there honoring a man who had more integrity in the tip of his little finger than you can ever hope to display in your lifetimes. If you like, we’ll put some lawn chairs there for you so you can witness the thousands of people who will come by.

Then we suggest that you go to the entrance where the team will arrive. The first person off the bus will be Bill O’Brien. In case you have not been paying attention, Mr. O’Brien understands that you can honor the past and build a future. He’s lifted up the team and the university by his behavior. He’s known from the beginning that pretending events didn’t happen or that other people did not exist was not a winning strategy.

After the coach, the team will exit the bus. Don’t you dare look any of them in the eye. You don’t deserve that privilege. You tried to destroy this team, you tried to destroy the dreams of these young men who had nothing to do with the events that occurred in Centre County. Remember that expression “There is no I in Team?” You are looking at the definition. Your actions did not break the team – led by their coach and enveloped in the arms of their Penn State community, these young men are a credit to themselves, their families, their coach and their university. To you, they should be a symbol of your ineptitude. You see, it was never about WINNING. Football, like many other activities, teaches life lessons. Among its lessons:

• The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.
• Hard work and discipline will yield rewards
• Winning is fun but dishonesty is a hollow victory

Once you enter the stadium, which I can assure you will not be half-empty as you had hoped, you will notice the banners that honor the past and celebrate the present. See how that works? Now, you might be a little depressed because the crowd will be spirited and noisy. Oh, and they know how to count – so if you see the number 409, it is not an advertisement for a cleaning product.

In short, we just thought that you might like to Come to Penn State (in the words of Joe Paterno) and see the fruits of your misguided labor. You tried to kill us but you only made us stronger. Perhaps now you can understand the meaning of the words “We Are Penn State.”

Deborah Casamassa Beidel, PSU Alumna, Class of 1976

Members of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship prepared letters to Ohio State University President Dr. E. Gorgan Gee in response to the Ohio State t-shirts and images which read “I’d rather shower at Penn State than root for Michigan!” or “I’d rather shower at Penn State than Cheer for the Wolverines”

A link:http://jezebel.com/5938687/ohio-state-fans-kick-off-football-season-with-horrible-shirt-mocking-penn-state-victims?utm_campaign=socialflow_jezebel_twitter&utm_source=jezebel_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
The image below is an example of the images that are being distributed.

A public BoT meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 12 at 5pm via conference call. The foundation of this call is a historic decision for Penn State – the board can vote to table the decision on the NCAA consent Decree. A total of 15 votes (there are currently 30 voting members) is needed to table the vote which is the current preferred option. If the Board votes in favor of the NCAA decree, (16 votes) even though they were told this power lies with Dr. Erickson, there would be no legal standing to move forward with the Appeal that Ryan McCombie filed this week.

The following are the letters written to the Board of Trustees to encourage them to Table the vote.