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Members of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship prepared letters to Ohio State University President Dr. E. Gorgan Gee in response to the Ohio State t-shirts and images which read “I’d rather shower at Penn State than root for Michigan!” or “I’d rather shower at Penn State than Cheer for the Wolverines”

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The image below is an example of the images that are being distributed.


A public BoT meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 12 at 5pm via conference call. The foundation of this call is a historic decision for Penn State – the board can vote to table the decision on the NCAA consent Decree. A total of 15 votes (there are currently 30 voting members) is needed to table the vote which is the current preferred option. If the Board votes in favor of the NCAA decree, (16 votes) even though they were told this power lies with Dr. Erickson, there would be no legal standing to move forward with the Appeal that Ryan McCombie filed this week.

The following are the letters written to the Board of Trustees to encourage them to Table the vote.