A Tale of Two Suheys (with apologies to Charles Dickens)

It was the best of times,
In 1948, Penn State was to play in the Cotton Bowl against Southern Methodist University.

it was the worst of times,
In 2011, Penn State was rocked by the disclosure of the actions of a former football coach.

it was the age of wisdom,
Wally Triplett, one of only twenty black students at Penn State, was the football team’s first black starter.

it was the age of foolishness,
The Board of Trustees cannot figure out how to arrange a meeting with its head football coach.

it was the epoch of belief,
SMU wanted to meet with Penn State to ask the team not to bring its black players.

it was the epoch of incredulity,
A football coach of 61 years is fired late at night via a one sentence telephone call.

it was the season of Light,
“We are Penn State” Football Team Captain Steve Suhey said. “There will be no meetings.”

it was the season of Darkness,
“We did not fire Joe Paterno” Trustee/Football Letterman Paul Suhey said. “We only retired him three weeks early.”

it will be the spring of hope,
The Alumni rise up and retire Paul Suhey. Steve Suhey’s words ring out over Happy Valley.


it will the winter of despair
Apathy, dissention, and vote splitting occur. Paul Suhey’s re-election is the death knell for Penn State.


-by Deborah Beidel


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