Please consider joining The ELMS – the new online discussion community launched by Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS). PS4RS is a grass roots “watchdog” organization with more than 20,000 members. Our goal is to connect our steadily growing membership that consists of alumni, students, community members, university members, parents of students and supporters of the University. Together our members are working to achieve positive change at The Pennsylvania State University.

The ELMS allows members to participate in discussions about the events of the last eleven months at Penn State, serves as a repository for important information ranging from The Freeh report to the information about the Sandusky trial, and provides networking opportunities. The new online community offers many additional features including:

-PS4RS news, announcements and events located in one place (important announcements appear at the top of the page)
-Extensive information about the Board of Trustees and the Second Mile
-Dedicated location for research updates from John Ziegler and the FREEHdom Fighters
-Bookmark conversations you are interested in and read them later
-User controlled settings – get email updates and notifications from categories you are interested in learning more about
-Quickly get updated the next time you log in – new discussions that started will be bold, discussions you have already read will indicate how many additional posts have been added.
-Full search capability

Please join us at the the ELMS as we begin the conversation about the 2013 Board of Trustee elections and harness the passion and volunteerism of more than 14,000 PS4RS members who continue to make a difference in shaping the future of Penn State. Membership is free and open to Alumni, Students, Friends and Supporters of Penn State.

Join today:
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